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Media Products

Emmanuel headquarte officeIn May 1990, CBN Christian programs began airing on "Ostankino" TV channel on a regular basis. It was then that Jesus' name was first spoken publicly in the USSR in the program "Superbook Holiday", and many children came to Jesus through the sinner's prayer. Then, within the first few weeks of broadcasting Christian programs, we received thousands of letters from all around the vast country. These were letters from people who had been longing to know more about God and change their lives.
We realized that there was a big need for distributing Christian media products and adapting them to the many languages of the former USSR countries. And in 1992, we launched this ministry.
We received many letters from people living in the CIS who had been converted. These letters inspired us to create our own Christian programs. We wanted to tell our viewers about the reflection of God's power and glory manifested in the lives of people. So, we created "Reflection" and "The Home of Living Stories", two television programs.
Another important task was to tell children about God, so he could change their lives and help them stop stealing and taking drugs. Thus, we created an exciting show to unite kids into a net called the Superbook Club, which helps them study the Bible and reveals a treasury of the simple truths for our youngest viewers.
In our program "Millenium Tribute" some powerful leaders and important people of our country spoke out their reverence for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our programs have won many prizes in international, Ukrainian and regional festivals, as well as competitions, including "Zolotaya Era" and "Teletruimph".
Today we are successfully cooperating with many foreign TV companies and our own programs are airing on many TV channels. Through our programs we are pursuing our greatest goal, which is to reveal God's glory and majesty to all people on the earth.

Humanitarian Projects

In 1992, we received the first container with humanitarian aid and in the 15 years since, we have received 159 containers and distributed humanitarian aid to as many as 863,742 needy people. A Christian cannot witness about God and his mercy without showing compassion for the sick and underprivilaged. Our vans are taking deliveries to towns and villages and we opened soup kitchens in the capitals and some of the biggest cities of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. We fed as many as 13,250 people 325,666 hot meals. We shared with them about Jesus and read the Word of God to them, and they cried. Their humiliation, dissapointment and hurts slowly began to fade along with their tears. Trough our time working, as many as 1,147 people have repented.
In hopitals and orphanages we have met children who look more like elderly people because of the amount of pain in their short lives. They are not ordinary children. They are orphans and disabled. Since 1992, we have delivered humanitarian aid to 1,714 boarding schools, shelters and orphanages.

Concert Activity

It would be wonderful if Ukrainian children could have holidays that would bring them hope, rather than just leave them with only wrapping-papers from sweets. With this in mind we developed an exciting concert show. We not only bring presents to children at our concerts, but we also tell them about the One Who loves them and cares for them, the One Who will always hear them and answer them. The one who suffered, died and rose from the dead for them. If only you could see their eyes shining with joy and their faces changing with emonitons as they watch these live concerts!
Since the beginning of our concert activity, we have had 821 performances for 319,100 children and adult audiences.

Christian Community

Christian colloboration

Our successful television and charity activities have made the name of "Emmanuel" Association famous, both in Ukraine and abroad. This has enabled us to pursue collaboration and close partnership with churches of different denominations. We work to help churches and pastors in their minitries. Our goal is to help them better understand God's plan for his Church so that they are able to more effectively fulfill the Great Commission, which is to go and preach the Good News to all nations.
We have developed close relationships with representatives of several different denominations, including Orthodox believers, Catholics and Pentecostals. We have conducted 2,285 seminars for 73,366 leaders of local churches. Many bishops and leaders of church unions have highly appreciated our long-term productive cooperation with them. We are open to continue building relationships with Christian churches througout the CIS, in order to convey the Gospel to all nations.

Interactive Communication

How can one arrange communication between people divided by thousands of miles? .
How can one help people living in other parts of the world?
"Through the Internet! - This is our solution, - the Worldwide Network, with no limits and an international identity. Today it is uniting its "users", whose number exceeds 200 million people, into a computer network.
On our Web-pages you can find music, literature, video, interesting information for children as well as answers to your questions from a Christian viewpoint.

Throughout the 14 years of our activity, we have replied to 11,893,067 letters of our viewers.
On May 1, 2002, we launched a prayer counseling center called "Good Word", for everyone who needs urgent help.
In the last 4 years, we have received 115,400 phone calls.
Currently we are working on launching interactive communication through email, called "Correspondence Ministry". In addition, everyone will be able to find answers to their questions in our section of the most commonly asked questions.
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Main Milestones In Our Activity

1991 - In response to an enormous interest of people who wanted to know more about God we opened two CBN representative offices in Kiev and Moscow.
1992 First containers with humanitarian aid came to Russia and Ukraine.
1994 - CBN representative office was opened in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
1995 - In Kiev, "Emmanuel" studio and "Lepta" publishing house began to produce Ukrainian Christian production.
1996 - The "Flying Hospital" from Operation Blessing flew to Kiev under the leardership of CBN, officially represented in Ukraine by the Charity Association "Emmanuel".
1997 - "Operation Blessing" began in Almaty.
1998 - We began working on an Internet portal of Christian music, which is unique in the CIS emmanuel.org.ua.
1999 - We bought several buildings to serve as the headquaters of the CBN representative office in Kiev.
2001 - CBN ministry in Ukraine moved to its new headquaters.
2002 - The first Christian TV studio and prayer counseling center, "Good Word" were both launched.
2005 - "Light Radio Emmanuel" radio station began broadcasting 24-hours a day.


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