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Like many girls, Almetia Mack dreamed about getting married. But her honeymoon was barely over before that dream became a living nightmare.

Home of Living Stories
TV program Home of Living Stories3 times a week! Real stories from real people in the program THE HOME OF LIVING STORIES

The guests of the program THE HOME OF LIVING STORIES have experienced dramatic emotional events, yet they have managed to find a way through. Gods miracles and supernatural manifestations in the lives of these people is the tie that binds their stories together.

700 Club
  700The 700 Club, popular international news program, for you at a convenient time!

The 700 Club airs in over 200 countries in 70 languages by satellites and local TV companies. The program includes World News and Live Interviews with famous specialists and experts. It shows interesting life stories, miraculous healings, as well as medical and historical discoveries. The program gives answers to viewers questions and other information

Superbook Club
Entertaining and educational program for 6-12 year-old children and their parents

TV program Superbook Club

Thanks to robot Robik, a favorite character of the program, learning the Superbooks wise advices has become a thrilling adventure for the children. The interesting stories, exciting songs and favorite animations give children a whole bunch of unforgettable expressions. All of this is
The Superbook Club!

Watch Superbook Club

Unforgettable encounter with Robik and his friends in show in your town

210 cities and towns
383000 viewers
870 concerts
and not only that...

Spiritual Life
Family, children, catastrophies of the last time,

What does it mean to be SAVED?

"The Book of Genesis says that sin came into the world when Adam and Eve had eaten from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why did God put that tree there to be a temptation for Adam and Eve? Does he still keep tempting us today?"

"My husband is always against my reprimanding the children. He insists that one can smoke, drink, swear and use bad language until he regularly prays in the evening. He lets our children develop as they might. I am playing the role of a bad mother while he is playing the role of a wonderful father. As his wife, should I put up with this? Does it not conflict with the Scripture saying that a wife must submit to her husband?"


"I am your partner"
I had been praying for my husband who has been an alcoholic for many years but he kept drinking. I had been unemployed but desperately wanted to donate money to "The 700 Club"...


"My methodologist in hospital rejoiced with me"
Dear program "The 700 Club"! We need you so much. Recently I watched your program about back pain and the host showed some exercises...

Galina Pavlovna, age 62,
city of Dneprodzerzhinsk


In March of 2004, Nina Drozd phoned our prayer counseling center and asked us to pray for her 10-month-old grandson, Bohdan, who had been born premature.

Nina Drozd,
Shatsk village, Volyn region

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Looking for God
1+1, Ukraine
6.00 - 7.00 a.m.
(Sunday, Saturday)
OTV, Ukraine
6.30 (Mon-Fri.)
UTR, Ukraine
11.30 (Saturday, Sunday)
CGTRC (-3), Ukraine
7.45 a.m. (Mon-Fri.)
700 Club
Tonis, Ukraine
6.00 am(Mon-Fri.)
Home of Living Stories
TRC , Ukraine
10.50 am (Mon-Fri.)
Superbook Club
CGTRC, Ukraine
5.00 pm (Mon-Fri.)
UTR, Ukraine
11.10 am (Saturday, Sunday)
Robik's Adventure
TRK Kyiv , Ukraine
7.45 am (Saturday)
1 Cubed
TRK UTR , Ukraine
00-00 (Fri)

200 answers
to the vital questions
Eternal life,
what do you choose? ...
Prayer - a few steps to reconcile with God


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